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fun artist things (all of which happened to me in middle school many times lmao)

  • being emotionally manipulated or blackmailed into drawing things for people
  • teacher taking ur drawing and showing it to the whole class without your permission
  • people taking your sketchbook and looking through it without your permission
  • people defacing your art with crude doodles
  • having your sketchbook taken away by the teacher. wanting to cry because you’re sketchbook is like your security blanket and you dont feel safe without it

forgot this one “can you teach me how to draw?” “no sorry” “please?” “i said no” “please???”x1000 “please stop” “i’ll leave you alone if you teach me how to draw”

Talked to acersecomic about stories and characters and such and I really loved her character Rowan. We decided Him and Nicholas would be BFFs or somethin’ so of course I had to draw him.
Also transparent too because WHY NOT.


Okay, so many of my watchers on deviantART are already aware of this, but last month I was scammed for thousands of dollars by a user named Pixlett / ToxicMutagen. (They both use the same PayPal address) Pixlett has since deactivated her account.
My account of the fraud:
[ Part 1] [ Part 2 (Today) ]
Pixlett bought some artwork from me for very large sums of money. Then, a few months later, I notice that a couple grand went missing from my PayPal, because she filed a credit card chargeback against me, claiming that she never got the item. Obviously, it was digital artwork, so there was no physical item to ship. She did this for every single piece of artwork she bought from me, and even after backing myself up with a ton of evidence, PayPal ruled in her favor.
And now, today, it has happened AGAIN. Pixlett has filed MORE chargebacks against me, putting me into negative $2,000 in my PayPal account. I start school in a week and need money to pay for my new textbooks, supplies, and gas, but looks like that’s not gonna happen thanks to this fraud.
I have set up a PayPal Donation button on my page, where you can help me out. Even just a dollar helps. Small amounts add up quickly, and I need to get out of the negatives as soon as possible.
I apologize, because I never ask for help, but this is just beyond my capacity of fixing in such a short amount of time. Several other people were also affected by this scammer, so please consider helping them out too.
Thank you! ;u; If you have any questions or concerns, you can message me on here or on my dA.

also - wow … WOW .. I´m fucking mad about this person and paypal - this is really fucked up. this is really a slap in the face for digital artists …
Drawing a Flight Rising dragon for someone.
Also have I mentioned how much I love Manga Studio inking tools?
Aug 7th+9
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i’m starting to doubt my sanity AHAHAH it has so many details, this is only half of the drawing)
RIP arm, hand…

A page of #wolfhound #dog sketches for #tensoon / #oreseur from #mistborn .



I finally got my storeenvy up! It has most of the stuff I sell at conventions up there. I’ll be adding more stuff as time goes on.