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Late night doodling

Sunhat girl


Tokyo in Tulsa was GREAT! Absolutely loved it and got to talk to some really cool people and see amazing art. I’m kind of sad that it is already over, the weekend just flew by.

I really wished I had gotten more chances to walk around the artist alley and vendors room more, there was SO much to see and I feel like I still never got to see all of it.
But I’m really glad I got a chance to see everyone! I look forward to seeing people at other conventions!

I always get so nervous before conventions. I’ve been trying to put together a new display stand for all my buttons and stickers and it’s looking good except it doesn’t fold like it’s supposed to. ;v; Portability is definitely a NO at this point. And I still have to make the commission info and examples. SO MUCH TO DO.


Norris Hall—Brittany Peer
Color and Light studies.
Sailor Moon brooch mirrors are finished!

Tread with caution, child.What is to give light must endure burning.

Manga Studio on sale for $18 on Amazon again!


Manga Studio five is $18.99 right now on Amazon again.

Last time I posted about this, they went quick. I know a few folks missed out, so I figured it was worth the heads up!

Manga Studio 5 is like a mix of Painter, SAI, and Photoshop. It’s my favorite app to make art in and, at that…

Late night dragons! I’ve been playing Flight Rising a lot lately. #flightrising